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ahimsa was started with the purpose of spreading unconditional love & positivity. we believe that through the mediums of food and yoga, anyone from any walk of life can learn to connect with themselves and take care of their mind, body & soul. to help foster that deep connection for all who come through our doors, we start by making sure each person feels good on the inside. this is why we only use clean ingredients and adopt Ayurvedic practices in creating our recipes allowing everyone to be fueled mentally and physically.


the ayurvedic diet is based on the principles of Ayurvedic medicine and focuses on balancing different types of energy within your body, which helps improve overall health. in ahimsa, all our food includes the 6 main tastes which play a huge role in homeostasis. we integrate many herbs and spices that is used in ayurvedic medicine in our meals & drinks. more information on these herbs and spices can be found on our website.



ahimsa café is dedicated to the sustainability movement. we are committed to using environmentally friendly materials wherever possible and operate on a promise of low waste. our goodies are only ever served in sustainable packaging and we recycle everything that we can! we also have a policy where we serve our iced drinks in glass jars and offer a dollar discount when customers bring those jars back on their next order.


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