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4 Unique Valentines Day Date Ideas to Celebrate Your Love!

Finding fun things to do on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be tiresome. From picnics and couples yoga to creating bespoke gifts, we’ve curated some Valentine's Day activities that can be as over-the-top or as low key as you want them to be. Take your partner (or yourself!) out this Valentine’s Day with these thoughtfully planned date ideas that’s bound to impress.

1. Plan a picnic date and surprise them with delicious home cooked food

Nothing speaks to your effort like home cooked food, so why not plan for a cosy picnic by the beach to show them how much you love them? Need a quick, seamless meal plan to whip up? We’ve got that covered too! With our ready-to-eat moringa cashew pesto and nut butter jars, dish out a savoury and a sweet course to get the best of both worlds!

Using our moringa cashew pesto, prepare a simple pesto pasta dish by tossing your pasta of choice in some of our delicious pesto, adding some proteins and/or vegetables and finally garnishing with your herbs of choice! (Pictured: Moringa cashew pesto pasta with scrambled tofu, cherry tomatoes and sliced onions)

Moving right on to desserts, prepare your very own sweet bagels (or sandwiches!) using our nut butter jars choose from peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter and hazelnut butter (our favourite!) to spread on an open-faced bagel or bread of choice, and adorn with nuts and fruits for some presentation points! (Pictured: bagel topped with hazelnut butter, cacao nibs, banana slices and nuts)

You’re now all set for your picnic date. Don’t forget the flowers and candles to really set the vibe!

2. DIY your own bouquet - without breaking the bank!

Image from @jimeiflower on Instagram

Getting your Valentines a sizeable bouquet doesn’t have to create a sizeable hole in your wallet. We love supporting local flower markets like Far East Flora and Ji Mei Flower (which are right beside each other) where you get to pick the freshest blooms to create your own beautiful bouquets! Fret not, these markets also typically sell floral tapes, ribbons and craft paper to decorate your bouquet. Don’t forget - making your own bouquets also means you’ll be gifting a bouquet that’s assuredly one of a kind!

3. Create your very own bespoke fragrance

Image from The Honeycombers

Keeping up with the theme of DIY, bring your Valentines out for a date to design their own scent with bespoke perfume creators Maison 21G and forget fretting over whether your Valentines would appreciate the ready-to-wear perfume/cologne you were planning to get them. Maison 21G’s experiential workshops start from $180, where you and your partner will pick your own ingredients and bottle design according to your own personal tastes and personalities! Guided by their expert scent designers, each perfume workshop is your chance to get closer to their wide array of haute couture essences, discover the fragrances that match your personality, and sharpen your senses before blending the scent of your soul to take home.

4. Feel rejuvenated at a couple’s yoga session

Unwinding after a busy day is made sweeter with your loved ones. Treat your Valentines to a session of slow, mindful yoga for some much needed R&R! Did you know that you can reserve a couple's (or single's!) yoga session with us starting from just $20/session, at the comfort of your own home? Simply drop us a DM on Instagram ( telling us the whens and wheres, and we can get back to you right away!

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